​​Female Pet in Heat        $55    per day in addition to regular boarding fee 

 Holiday Fee   $23 per peton the actual Holiday     3 day minimum stay over any holiday

Medications   $15 per INJECTION   & up  Rates may vary according to type of meds, # OF INJECTIONS  (am/pm), administrating procedure and willingness of pet. 

Daycare  $21 per pet   AM Drop Off  &/Or  PM Pick Up      Discounted rate Applies to boarded pets only .

Monthly Rates Available.  10 % Discount  (minimum 30 night stay).

Additional Fees

​​Cat Boarding

Currently Unavailable

SAVE $30 (valid for 60 days)

SAVE $30 (valid for 60 days)




Full Day(4 hours +)


XX-Large Dog (111 lbs + )





X-Large Dog(90 lbs - 110 lbs)

Large Dog(66 lbs - 90 lbs)

OPEN   Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm      CLOSED on Wednesday & Sunday

****CLOSED  NOON - 1:00PM  DAILY.*****

   EARLY  Check-ins      (before Noon)         $21 Day Care Fee

      LATE  Check-outs     (after 1.00 PM      $21 Day Care Fee

(Closed from 12-1:00 pm daily)

Opening between 12 - 1pm $25     if available

Please be sure of your dates and needs, BEFORE making a reservation 

​A $50  NON-REFUNDABLE  Deposit,  per pet, is required to make a reservation.

***  3% Processing Fee for transactions paid with Credit/debit Card  ***

​​​​​​Overnight Dog Boarding 


​                       FULL Payment is due at the start of service

Animals First  RATES

Medications   $ 7 per Medication  & up  Rates may vary according to type of meds, how many. administrating procedure and willingness of pet. Fee still applies if meds put in food

Outside of Bus hours Fee   If you arrive before we open or after we close there is a Special Opening Fee of $15 for 15mins; Which increased to$25 for 30 mins and $60 for anything longer.  


Behavioral  Fee $38/day  (agressive humans/pets),  escapee, digger, jumper, high energy, only men/women to handle etc.

EARLY OR LATE OPENING  $25  (1/2 hr)     To open at between 8.30-9am  or 5.00-5.30pm     

                                                $50  (  1 hr)     To open at between 8.00am-8.30am or  5.30-6.00pm 

​                                                $25  (12 - pm)  To open between Lunch break of noon - 1pm  

​​​​ Senior Care Fee   $7  per day in addition to regular boarding fee      

Late Fee  $45 + $21 per pet

Short Notice Booking   $25   less than 48-hour notice

Maintenance Brushing $21   per day


Full Day(10-day pass)

Half Day(10-day pass)

Doggy Day Care Packages

Note: These rates are NOT for overnight stays

Half Day(1 - 4 hours)  AM or PM

Doggy Day Care

Note: These rates are NOT for overnight stays






Medium Dog(30 lbs - 65 lbs)

Small Dog(under 29lbs)

NOT Spayed or Neutered

Spayed or Neutered

 Vaccinations Required:    DHAPP,  Bordetella & Rabies,

"Before you get a dog,
you can't quite imagine what living with one might be like;
afterward, you can't imagine living any other way."

   -Caroline Knapp

​​​No Shows  100% of original invoice balance


​​​Reservation Adjustment $25  (PLEASE BE SURE OF YOUR DATES AND NEEDS BEFORE MAKING YOUR RESERVATION.                                                                                                                  - Any changes will incurr an Adjustment fee each time)

​​Everything Under  One  W O O F !

Nuisance Fee  Contingent upon the amount of damage that may be caused to

(please see examples below)           Animals First or other client's property. $25, $50, $85, $100 & up

​​​​Cancellation Fee  Within 48 hours -   Additional $50 per pet will be charged to client's CC              (Deposit is non refundable in all cases)

                               Within 36 hours -  50%   of balance of original invoice will be charged to client's CC

                               Within 24 hours -  100% of balance original invoice will be charged to client's CC

                               On same day as drop off or no cancellation given - 100% of original invoice balance will be charged to client's card 

A Full-Service Pet Resort

When you Vacation, they Vacation 

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Payment Options  - Cash, Visa & Mastercard Only

Special Opening Fee   To open on Wed or Sun by appointment AT  9:30 am ONLY.

                                          $59 Opening Fee  + $21 per ADDITIONAL pet,     PLUS  $ 15 fee for each additional 15 minutes,  if late.  

                                                      If no show after one hour, alternative arrangements will need to be made, during normal business days/ hours of 9-5pm.

                                                     If cancelled/changed w​ithin 24 hours, of drop off day or during stay. $25. will be charged.     No Shows will be charged $50